A Story of Injustice in Bolivia   (Cinema feature length documentary project)
Brigitte, a Swiss woman, travels to Bolivia to work as a judicial advisor. She meets Odón who is innocently accused of the rape and murder of a 10 year old girl. Brigitte offers Odón her help. Now 15 years have passed and she is deeper involved in one of Bolivia’s biggest law scandals than she could have ever imagined. 
DNA evidence provided by the FBI has excluded Odón as a suspect but, despite this, he has been condemned to 30 years of prison. All appeals have failed and he is locked up in a high security prison at an altitude of 4100 meters.
Brigitte has given up everything to fight for justice. She is Odón’s only hope. But will she succeed in freeing him?
Little River Pictures is working on a feature length film about this story of injustice. It is a long-term project and the film will consist of three parts, out of which we shot the first in 2012 in Bolivia. Currently we are working on part two.
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