Little River Pictures is a creative husband and wife collaboration between Jersey photographer/filmmaker Tom Kennedy and Swiss director/actress Annigna Kennedy, based in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK. We specialise in documentary film and photography.
Little River Pictures was launched to realise our creative ideas and has evolved into a busy little filmmaking and photography company, making films from shorts to feature length documentaries. We have worked in Switzerland, London, New York, South America and Germany.
Documentary films have the potential to move the viewer deeply and encourage reflection upon people’s own lives, but also to question societal norms. We as artists want to be touched by films and hope to inspire other people with our own work.
Alongside our film work Tom continues his work as a creative photographer and Annigna is involved in a small number of theatre plays and films as an actress.
ANNIGNA comes from Basel, Switzerland. She studied acting in the Bavarian Academy for Theater in Munich, Germany, and worked as an actress in Switzerland and Germany. In the last 10 years Annigna has pointed her focus more and more towards filmmaking. She writes, directs, produces, edits and sometimes takes part in front of the camera too. ​​​​​​​
TOM comes from Jersey in the Channel Islands. He studied photography, film, television and sound at the Plymouth College of Art and Design. He then went on to work in the London film industry for several years before returning to Jersey. Tom is in charge of all camera and sound production. He is also a member of local band Benny The Moth.