Little River Pictures has made an art film out of an art project. With time-lapse photography playing a big part, this creative short film tells a story of the work and love that went into the transformation of an old rusty tugboat into a World War One Dazzle Ship. Initiated and led by Jersey artist Ian Rolls, the boat has been painted over a period of two months with the help of fellow Jersey artists. The project is part of Jersey’s official commemorations of the centenary of the First World War. Kindly supported by the World War One Centenary Fund, managed by the Jersey Arts Trust, now ArtHouse Jersey. Special thanks to Hang Massive for their track ‘Once Again 2012'.

This short film documents the creation of a watercolour painting by Ian Rolls from start to finish, taking you on a journey from his studio amongst the rocks at Corbière, to a secluded quarry location with a stunning view to the Lighthouse, and back again to Ian’s studio to view the finished work. The dreamy music score which accompanies Ian on the journey, is provided by Tom Rolls, Ian’s son. 
New reggae release for World Peace Day, 21 September 2019 This is not a normal music vid by far, its design is to take you within. So come with us, hop aboard the Benny Bus and take the journey.
In October 2016, internationally celebrated psaligraphy (paper cut) artists - Professor Xiaoguang Qiao from China and Norwegian artist Karen Bit Vejle - were invited to visit Jersey by ArtHouse Jersey with their exquisite exhibition of paper cut art ‘Paper Dialogues - The Dragon and Our Stories’. This was the beginning of a paper-cutting legacy that ensued in the Island and concluded in the majestic Jersey ‘Paper Dragon’, a 3-D sculptural installation, comprising of over 5,000 community scales, that was suspended in the atrium of the Jersey Library between May 15th – June 30th 2017, as part of a celebratory showcase entitled ‘Paper Talks’ across different venues.
Short film, 2015, 5:32 min
‘Les P’tits Faîtchieaux’ is Jèrriais for ‘The Little People’. According to Jersey folklore, Les P’tits Faîtchieaux lived in the dolmens where they were generally helpful, but were also known for mischievously hiding belongings. 
Jersey artist June Gould, who is interested in the power of a collective community spirit and the legends of the dolmens, together with the Jersey Arts Trust, initiated a community art project as part of Skipton Art Series 2015. 
Little River Pictures has made a short film for the Jersey Arts Trust, showing the project from the making of the clay figures at La Hougue Bie to the Spring Equinox, where the Little People were lit up by the early morning sunlight at the deep end of the dolmen’s chamber.
Little River Pictures and Lindy Hop Jersey dance around the beautiful island of Jersey in the Channel Islands - This film is part of I Charleston the World series on Youtube
CH 2013, 04:47 min  A short dance film shot in Basel, Switzerland
Idea, Producer: Therese Theurillat
Director, Choreographer, Editor: Annigna Seiler
Camera: Tom Kennedy
Le Lollipop Magique (UK 2011, 16 min)
A normal day in the life of a shy and unhappy girl. But when a kind old lady gives her a shiny sweet red lollipop, things begin to magically change... 
Shot on Super 8mm film this is a silent short story about hopes, dreams, happiness and sadness, and it brings back a timeless feel of rural Jersey, the beautiful island in the English Channel, with it‘s green country lanes and it‘s long sandy beaches.
Starring: Annigna Seiler, Edward Dumond, Pat Clarke
Extras: Nadine Griffiths, Jamie Griffiths, Mattiew Falles, Monica Sawicka, Carlos Dubois and James Kennedy
Music: by Tom Kennedy and Annigna Seiler
Special thanks: to Andrea Giani and Gefilte Fish
The film has been screened at the International Branchage Film Festival 2011 in Jersey, UK.
A scene set in the Swiss mountains, where the Föhn, a hot wind known for its bad influence on the wellbeing and  the emotions of people, blows back a long forgotten person and with that person and old sinister secret.
This is a 3:10min preview.
Language - Swiss German
Subtitles - German
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