Le Lollipop Magique (UK 2011, 16 min)
A normal day in the life of a shy and unhappy girl. But when a kind old lady gives her a shiny sweet red lollipop, things begin to magically change... 
Shot on Super 8mm film this is a silent short story about hopes, dreams, happiness and sadness, and it brings back a timeless feel of rural Jersey, the beautiful island in the English Channel, with it‘s green country lanes and it‘s long sandy beaches.
Starring: Annigna Seiler, Edward Dumond, Pat Clarke
Extras: Nadine Griffiths, Jamie Griffiths, Mattiew Falles, Monica Sawicka, Carlos Dubois and James Kennedy
Music: by Tom Kennedy and Annigna Seiler
Special thanks: to Andrea Giani and Gefilte Fish
The film has been screened at the International Branchage Film Festival 2011 in Jersey, UK.
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